Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Like Us! Please?!

So you've decided to make a Facebook page for your company, that's great!  Having a social media presence is good for public relations and advertising. It enables an open dialogue between customers and your company.  If their page is managed well it can even help to build up your reputation and gain new customers.

However there is just something off putting about some advertisements for companies that say "Like us on Facebook!"  There's no problem with having a little icon on your advertisement that shows that you're on Facebook or Twitter but directly asking for 'Likes' can come off as desperate and needy.  Why should they 'Like' you?

You can be sure that if you're Facebook page is kept relevant and updated regularly then you will get plenty of 'Likes'.  If you're a retail business then use you're social media to let people know about upcoming deals or sales, you could even make special deals for people that follow you on social media. Restaurant?  Try posting your daily specials or soup of the day on your page.  Give your customers a reason to follow your page and you won't need to ask them to.

Having someone to manage your social media can be a part time or even full time job.  In this age of social media there is something worse than not having a presence and that is having an outdated page.  If your customer goes to view your page and finds that it hasn't been updated in over a month they aren't likely to give you that 'Like'.  Now don't get me wrong this doesn't mean you need to have a new and profound post every day but a few times a week is reasonable.

Give us a reason to 'Like' your page and you won't have to beg for it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things we learn as kids

I remember growing up and hearing that everything the "good guys" did in the bible was good and justified... but was it? When you think about people today using god as an excuse for war and atrocities. We all shake our heads and call them fools, even other Christians think they are nuts... But what if you really examine a lot of the wars seen in the old testament? They claim the exact same thing, god instructs them to go in and kill and maim people. God instructs them to bash children on rocks. Those of us that were raised on the bible were taught to believe that those were heroic acts against non-believers but really it's a book documenting war crimes.

An a semi separate note, in my history class we're learning about King Solomon. As a kid I was taught that god gave Solomon the gift of wisdom and that he was such a great king. He built the great temple and brought glory to god. But in my class we learned that in order to pay for the temple and his palace Solomon taxed his people to ruin. After he died the Hebrews were split into two factions, ones that didn't mind the taxes and ones that had enough of them. This lead to the fall and conquering of Israel... Solomon was the worst thing to happen to the Hebrews.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Viva Revolution

Is a revolution always better for the people?

It seems like when a country has a revolution that throws out a foriegn government like America throwing out the British was in our best interest. But is it always for the best? It was after a revolution that Stalin took power, a revolution put Castro in charge. They convince the people that it is in their best interest. They end up worse off than they were. They get sucked into a furver and mob mentality.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why They Can't Exist

There are a lot of people out there that have high hopes and ideals for man kind. They've come up with these great ideas on how we can live and all be happy. The only problem is none of their ideas can exist because they require the ideal human but are subject to real humans.

Communism/Marxism: This is not to be confused with what we currently see in different world governments. There is no such thing as a true communist government currently (or ever) in this world. The current governments that you see calling themselves communist are actually just dictatorships. True communism calls for everyone to be equal and distribution of goods to be fair. In a true communistic society there would be no supreme leader as seen in China or North Korea. This ideal way of living can never exist due to human nature. It is natural for humans to want to gather as much for themselves and their families to live comfortably. They naturally compete for resources and horde them for a rainy day. It is in our nature to want to have more than the family down the street. I think I will discuss further on why communism can't work in another entry that is all about the inevitable requirement for rich and poor.

Anarchy: A society with no leadership is not a society at all. This is an ideal government only worshipped by young rebellious teens. They build up in their mind that because the government is the problem that no government would solve all the problems. This is an overly simplistic and childish way of thinking. It's like a man who has been shot saying that all the problems in this world are guns, if we get rid of guns all of our problems will go away. The man doesn't put two and two together and realize that guns aren't the problem, it's the man pulling the trigger. If he saw that man pulling the trigger he might think OK get rid of the man, there will always be another man to replace him. A solitary human can manage quite well on their own. But when you get men together in a group they begin to follow what's called Mob Mentality. They will naturally look for a leader and follow them. Even the rebellious teens find a rebel leader. Men are lazy, if someone else offers to do their thinking for them they tend to let them. Don't get me wrong their are men that think for themselves and those are often the men that find themselves in leadership positions. What do you think organized religion is? Humans allowing other people to do their thinking for them. A true state of anarchy can not exist for longer than it takes the humans in it to organize themselves and find a natural leader. This could be hours or days but likely not much longer than a few weeks. The people that idealize about anarchy are the teenagers that still view themselves as immortal. They fantasize about taking what ever they want and roaming the streets free. They never think about people bigger, stronger or smarter than them stealing from them, hurting them or even killing them. Anarchist at their core are naive.

Utopia: What is utopia? It is my theory that in this world the religious person to god ratio is at least 1 to 1. Every single religious person has their own god and the reason I saw at least is some of them have more than one god. Ask a human some questions about his or her god and all of their answers will differ at least slightly. Every one's god agrees with them on everything (fuck their god even likes it's pizza the same way). No one person is exactly alike so no one god is exactly alike. Why did I go off on what seems like a tangent? Because no two people's gods are exactly alike just like no two people's Utopias are exactly alike. A utopia is essentially heaven. The idyllic place where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong... gee Skippy I wonder why that can't exist. You would first have to discover the perfect society of humans to ever get a utopia and that doesn't exist.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Good Tip

The American culture is obsessed with proper tipping edicate. Are they supposed to tip 10%, 15% or 20%? I don't understand this new way of thinking at all. What is a tip? It was meant as a way of saying "great job, you did so well I want you to have this extra as an award". A mandatory tip is exactly the same as a mandatory donation. I know I know you tell me you feel obligated to leave a tip because the restaurant pays them less because they are expecting a tip. This is backwards thinking that can be equated to "The company does A because they expect the customer to do B, the customer does B because they expect the company to do A".

Today I had another realization about the tipping custom. Giving certain percents of the bill as a tip does not reflect the compensation the waiter deserves. Does the waiter at the restaurant that charges $3 for a bowl of soup deserve a smaller tip than at the restaurant that charges $20. Tips shouldn't be based on a percent of the bill if you want to be fair. A waiter can work their ass off for you at the cheap restaurant and be a lazy fuck at the super posh over priced restaurant. Instead I propose that if you feel obligated to leave a tip you should base it on the number of people in your party. Perhaps one dollar per person and you can raise or lower that if you want based on how good of a job the waiter did.

Don't get me wrong if a waiter does a really good job and goes out of their way they should get a tip. But if the waiter does the bare minimum and ignores you half the time then I shouldn't be obligated to leave them a good tip.

Friday, April 16, 2010

You sure are smart

I hear that every once in a while but I know it's not true. I've come up with a way of making it seem like I know a lot while barely knowing much at all. Most people dedicate themselves to mastering one or two trades. They become experts in their related fields and tend to ignore most other unrelated fields. I am not an expert in any one field but I know a little about a lot of different subjects. Why did I become like this? I study anything that comes along that helps me understand jokes. I hate it when I watch TV and someone makes a reference that I don't get. Mind you that at this point that is very rare unless it's very obscure. A good example is watching Family Guy, some people watch it and understand 30-60% of the jokes while I tend to get 80-90% of them. That was always important to me growing up. I remember the first time I watched Clockwork Orange because I was watching a TV show that referenced it and thanks to that I now get it when ever people reference strapping someone in a chair and locking their eyes open. There are still occasional references that I miss but I try to take care of that after it happens. That's it... the whole reason that I read and desire to learn things... to not be left out on jokes.

But I always keep in mind that there are plenty of people out there that know more about any given subject than I do. I accept that and I learn from them. There is an old saying that I will paraphrase: An intelligent man knows that he knows everything, a wise man knows that he knows nothing. It's good to be sure and confident in yourself but a little modesty never hurt. People tend to respect a modest person that is sure of themselves as opposed to an arrogant person that falls flat.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Letter to the Sexes

About the opposite sex.

Dear Men,
Why do you pretend you don't know what women want? The only reason you can't understand them is because you don't want to. A woman wants to be treated with the same respect you give your mother. She wants to know she can trust you and that you'll be there for her. Now men I know how you think and I know that anytime you see a good looking woman you immediately size her up as a sexual mate. You wonder what she looks like naked and how she is in bed. Sadly for you generally she doesn't think the same way about you. Just because you find her attractive doesn't mean she feels the same back. I know that as men we naturally have an ego and assume that any girl that gives us the time of day must want to have sex with us, they don't. It is possible for a girl to be your friend and have no sexual desire for you. Don't discredit this, this isn't a bad thing. Being friends with women doesn't make you less of a man, it actually makes you a much more well rounded person. You can start to better understand women and help you in your dating life. But a very important thing to remember is, if you ask a girl on a date and she gives you an obvious BS excuse, that is her way of trying to nicely turn you down. I know it seems cryptic but if she tells you she's "taking a break from dating until she gets her life straight" or some other excuse that means she still wants to be your friend. She has tried to let you down easily and not screaming NO and then laughing in your face. Take this how it was meant, she values your friendship enough to not want to be mean about it. Respect her decision and if you were meant to be together she'll come around to it eventually. But also remember that if you have feelings for a girl and you never flat out tell her, it's your own damn fault if nothing ever comes of it.

Now to address another part of man's ever expanding ego. When you've dated a woman and you break it off don't assume she must be pining to get back together with you. Every man has this ego built up inside him that no girl he's ever dated can actually be over him. She is. Hate to burst that bubble of yours but it is possible for someone to move on from you and not look back. Let it go and move on yourself, you'll be better for it.

Oh and men I hate to break it to you but every gay man you meet does not want to rape you. You don't need to feel threatened by him, if you're not homosexual he can't press a magic button and turn you. You don't need to treat homosexuals with a sense of fear, they are just another human being that should be respected.

Dear Women,
Please try and remember that in general men communicate with each other very plain and directly. If you want to get your point across to them you're better off being blunt. Now being blunt does not mean being cruel, it just means not hiding behind flowery words. Let a man down nicely means letting him down and not stringing him along hoping that he'll give up eventually, he wont.

How should a man treat you once you've said yes? Simply one word comes to mind, respect. He should respect you like he respects his mother. I'm not trying to get into some Oedipus complex, just respect. Never allow a man to make you feel inferior or less than you are.

Be warned of the manly ego. You know that nice guy you just met? What did you think of when you met him? I can tell you what he thought of you, he wondered what you looked like naked or how you were in bed. Go into every situation with that in mind, he isn't thinking that every moment he's with you but he has thought it. Don't be offended or disgusted he can't help it, it's natural instinct. Just be aware of your actions around him as he may misconstrue them as sexual advances.

Have you broken it off with a man but still wish to be his friend? Keep one thing in mind, that ego of his tells him your not over him. You just want to go back to being friends and he may want to be your friend too. But in the back of his mind he'll be wondering if you secretly want him back.

Another very important thing I'd like to get across to you ladies. Are you dating a man that has bad habits? Does he drink a little too much? Does he tend to be lazy? Are you convinced that with time he'll change his bad ways? He wont. No matter how much you harp him and no matter how much you think you can fix him, you can't. This is true with anyone, if someone has a bad habit they will not change unless they want to. They have to truly want to change their ways and nothing you say can do anything about it.

On one last note, if you walk around with your cleavage showing please don't act offended when a man stares at them, he can't help it. I know you feel the right to wear what ever you want but be aware of the reaction it will get.

Dear Hermaphrodites,
I got nothing, keep doing what you're doing.