Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Like Us! Please?!

So you've decided to make a Facebook page for your company, that's great!  Having a social media presence is good for public relations and advertising. It enables an open dialogue between customers and your company.  If their page is managed well it can even help to build up your reputation and gain new customers.

However there is just something off putting about some advertisements for companies that say "Like us on Facebook!"  There's no problem with having a little icon on your advertisement that shows that you're on Facebook or Twitter but directly asking for 'Likes' can come off as desperate and needy.  Why should they 'Like' you?

You can be sure that if you're Facebook page is kept relevant and updated regularly then you will get plenty of 'Likes'.  If you're a retail business then use you're social media to let people know about upcoming deals or sales, you could even make special deals for people that follow you on social media. Restaurant?  Try posting your daily specials or soup of the day on your page.  Give your customers a reason to follow your page and you won't need to ask them to.

Having someone to manage your social media can be a part time or even full time job.  In this age of social media there is something worse than not having a presence and that is having an outdated page.  If your customer goes to view your page and finds that it hasn't been updated in over a month they aren't likely to give you that 'Like'.  Now don't get me wrong this doesn't mean you need to have a new and profound post every day but a few times a week is reasonable.

Give us a reason to 'Like' your page and you won't have to beg for it.

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